GWFC Chaplaincy Vision

Suburban transformation through local schools and local communities partnering with local churches through local chaplains.

  • GW Chaplaincy exists to also help long term sustainably funded chaplaincy in schools and communities.

  • GW Chaplaincy dreams of passionately helping every church connect to their suburb, town or village through fully resourced, consistently committed, and high caliber Christian Community Chaplains.

  • Chaplains who integrate, local church, local community, local services and a loving God to bring personal and community transformation.

  • Chaplains who bring comfort, relieve burden, proclaim hope, give voice and empower people and communities.

  • GWFC Chaplaincy as a Recognised Provider

  • GWFC Chaplaincy is a recognised provider for the National School Chaplaincy Program and the NSW Student Wellbeing Support Program.

If you would like to provide financial support for a chaplain, click the “Fund A Chaplain” button below.

For more information please contact Mark Chapple ( or Liz Davies (

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Watch this episode from GWFC Chaplaincy on “The Impact of Chaplaincy” with Phil Evans: